Arpit Upadhyay

... Functional Expertise

  • Public Relations/Policy
  • Consulting
  • Sales & Marketing

... Education

  • Harcourt Butler Technological Institute

    B.Tech (Bachelor of Technology) - Bio-Chemical Engineering

... Certifications

  • Foundation of Data Analytics: UT Austin (MOOC)

... Professional Recognitions

  • Recognized as TIJ 2018 for the exceptional contribution in the community and school

  • The projects were covered across several newspapers and documentries around the world

... Extra-Curricular Activities

  • Climbed several peaks and explored remote villages and monasteries of Himalayas during expedition

Arpit Upadhyay

Arpit Upadhyay

Led a team of 65 diverse fellows to bring excellent outcomes in schools by solving difficult problems, consulted key government officers in Gujarat education department, managed end to end implementation of programs, managed crisis with 50+ government/private schools during COVID. Prior experience in problem solving, strategic planing and people management.

... Work Exp | 6 years

...Manager, Government Relations and Partnerships
...Teach For India

  • Formulated a city wide 5-year strategic roadmap along with the CEO and city director of Teach For India.
  • Consulted key government officials on World Bank's 100 Excellent School Project in the state.
  • Led a team of 65 diverse fellows to bring qualitative and quantitative outcomes across all english medium government and private schools in the city.

... Strategic Partnerships Manager
... 321 Education Foundation

  • Managed end to end program implementation across 100+ low income schools.
  • Partner acquisition and engagement across 35 schools in the city.
  • Resolution of several program implementation roadblocks with partner schools, leading to a significant NPS increase.

... Fellow
... Teach For India

  • Strengthened school and community relationship (65 low income families) and improved learning outcomes of students by 3 grade level.
  • Initiated 3 community wide projects on community-wide problems by engaging local community leaders.
  • Initiated the training and development of school staff to implement best practices across classrooms.

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