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IPMX, International Programme in Management for Executives, is an intensive one-year residential programme designed to attract professionals across diverse industries and academic backgrounds. The programme inculcates a passion for learning through collaboration and continuous innovation by challenging the status quo. The flagship offering at IIM Lucknow's NOIDA campus, IPMX, provides a perfect milieu for participants to build a balanced and dynamic skill set and adopt a multidisciplinary approach to solving complex business problems. Every alumnus has a wonderful story of personal transformation and self-discovery to narrate, further substantiating the unique experience that the programme offers.

IIM Lucknow is renowned for global, hands-on, and flexible business education and IPMX inherently carries these traits. The programme's rigor builds a resilient attitude in the graduates propelling them to push the envelope, and provides them with the ability to bring about widespread industrial, economic, and social change. This unique talent stems from our emphasis on core management skills — a multidisciplinary approach to solving modern business problems — and varied capabilities in general management and in core domains such as data analytics, strategy, operations, and finance.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to create new frontiers every year and push the boundaries further; to set new benchmarks and usher in more ingenuity, thereby making a difference to the competitive global business landscape.


“The measure of intelligence is the ability to change”

Albert Einstein


The 2019 pandemic you will agree has brought about a complete shift in our perspectives and changed our ways of working, studying, and doing business. In adapting and acclimatizing ourselves to the new normal for safe navigation we have discovered the importance of continuous reinventing to stay relevant in a frenetically disruptive world.

In line with IIM Lucknow’s mission to prepare forward-thinking and agile leaders, the International Programme in Management for Exectuvies (IPMX) was conceived. Carrying forward this legacy we are delighted to introduce you to the bright participants of IPMX 14. Our vibrant and motivated Class of 2022 consists of the perfect mélange of students from various industries, functional domains and with transformative experiences.

For us at IIM Lucknow it is also a moment of extreme pride as we pause and look at our IPMX alumni who have made significant impact in society through their transformational thoughts and actions in their capacities as change agents and leaders in varied domains.

I am pleased to welcome you all to the placement season 2021-22.

Prof. Archana Shukla

Director, IIM Lucknow


IPMX is an intensive one year residential MBA programme specifically designed to refine and augment the skills of professionals who have been consistent performers throughout their respective career tracks. The selection is through an exacting process ensuring individual competence, high intellect, and ability to adapt and lead.

The meticulously designed curriculum of IPMX places a strong focus on applying theoretical concepts to real-world business scenarios through an applied learning approach. Along with this world renowned faculty provides excellent mentorship ensuring that we have the most skilled managers stepping out of our portals every year. The rigorous schedule also instils an indefatigable spirit in the students, ensuring that they emerge as the best versions of themselves.

During the difficult and uncertain times of COVID 19 our IPMX participants have exhibited exemplary courage and maturity to accept the immense uncertainty around and still stay focused and continually progress and act towards their desired goals.

I am convinced that these IPMX students have what it takes to be a change agent and would be an immense asset to your organisation in managing strategic shifts and creating new growth strategies in this dramatically changed competitive environment.

On behalf of the Career Development Services of IIM Lucknow I am delighted to welcome you to be a part of 2022 Placement Process for IPMX.

Prof. Neerja Pande

Chairperson - Career Development Services


“Be the change that you want to see in the world”

Mahatma Gandhi


“Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known”

Carl Sagan

IPMX Chairperson MESSAGE

The pandemic has revealed that the global business environment which was already fast-paced has now become unfamiliar as well. This unprecedented time has increasingly changed the role of leadership in organizations and put it under a spotlight, drawing importance towards transformational leadership and integrated decision making. On this front, our flagship one-year full time MBA program at IIM Lucknow – IPMX,has consistently delivered thought leaders since its inception in 2008.

Over a year into this global pandemic, a phase which caused a paradigm shift in the way we deliver education, online learning has become the panacea for learning and supporting our students’ wellbeing. Despite such challenging times, I am extremely proud of the unflinching and unwavering resolute of our students, faculty and management,which enabled us to seamlessly switch over to the hybrid mode of imparting knowledge. This has been achieved, without compromising on the quality of delivery as well as learning.

It gives me immense pleasure to introduce the 14th batch of IPMX who has passed through a rigorous admission process,which puts emphasis on selecting the individuals who will inspire those around them, during and beyond the program.

After 13 years of fruitful industry partnership, we look forward to another exciting year. I am extremely confident that our students of the class of 2021-2022, like in our earlier batches, will go on to add significant value to the society and organizations.

I am happy to welcome you to the IPMX placement process for the year 2021-22.

Prof. Garima Mittal

Chairperson IPMX, IIM Lucknow

Alumni Speak

  • ...
    Nitin Mehrotra

    Senior Director, Fareportal

    Batch of 2013-14

    IPMX offers talent from diverse backgrounds. People go through a transformative one-year journey at the campus. What sets them apart is their rich experience & maturity. IPMX is tailor-made to cater to the needs of the specific roles in the industry.
  • ...
    Harisharan Parmeshwar

    Technology Leader, Amazon

    Batch of 2015-16

    The IPMX programme continues to reinvent itself to meet the desires of both the industry and its students. At IPMX, I was among stellar cohorts and we were supported by an excellent faculty, engaged in both teaching and research. The practical oriented case studies at IPMX still holds me in good stead at resolving opposing views, prioritising objectives and arriving at difficult decisions despite limited data. The programme has instilled in me a strong rational predisposition while facilitating an understanding of global concerns, equipping me for success in the long term.
  • ...
    Chetan Yadav

    Chief People officer, Tally Solutions

    Batch of 2009-10

    The rigorous one year full time residential MBA programme at IIM L, helped me pivot my career in a new direction. The programme covers a rich variety of subjects and that too in good depth. The well rounded business knowledge and understanding acquired during the IPMX programme helped me with the business decisions and roles thereafter.
  • ...
    Jatinder Salwan

    Head Sourcing, Societe Generale Global Solution Centre

    Batch of 2009-10

    IPMX is a carefully curated programme to repurpose one for new challenges and avenues. It equipped me with skills in areas that were alien to me due to my prior work experience in the Indian Army. Joining this course was one of the best decisions, and I thank my Gurus of IIM Lucknow for being patient with me in my learning process.
  • ...
    Saunak Saha

    Associate Partner, Ernst & Young

    Batch of 2014-15

    IPMX is a perfect blend of classroom courses, international immersion programmes, leadership talk series, and interaction with the industry experts helps one to understand the intricate concepts of finance, strategy, operations, marketing, human resource management, and international business
  • ...
    Nimish Gupta

    Data and Analytics

    Boston Consulting Group

    Batch of 2014-15

    IPMX is pure experiential learning. Its case study based learning, periodic quizzes, project activities, international module, experienced professors, guest lectures by industry stalwarts makes the course extremely interesting & challenging
  • ...
    Himanshu Bhangre

    Director, KPMG

    Batch of 2011-12

    IPMX is a transformative journey, both personally and professionally. This course gives you the opportunity to learn not only from world-class faculty but also from other students from different walks of life having humongous experience

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